“SAFU Santa also is a memecoin, the name "SAFU Santa" is inspired by the Christmas launch of our project, and also aims to highlight the mission of the project”.

SAFU Santa Ecosystem includes

SAFU Santa NFT Game (Quiz to earn)

SAFU Santa NFT Game applies an educational system that combines immersive (experience-based) and learning (curiosity-based) learning, including:
  • NFT - Quiz to earn game about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, Web3.... and also including questions about SAFU Santa features to communicate our product in an interesting way.

  • To participate in the game, users need to own SSanta NFT or stake an amount of tokens.

  • “The Learn to earn game do have its own instructions and parameters in-app when its mainnet”

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SAFU Santa Wallet is a Defi wallet, Mutilchain design with two-factor authentication, with which you will receive a confirmation code on your phone number or email before confirming the transaction to protect your assets from malicious links, fakes contracts or hackers.

(It is similar to Metamask wallet with the security that metamask does not have)

SAFU Santa Wallet also provides data from Honey Pot Risk & Contract Security check. Issue a token safety and risk warning before you approve the addition of a token to the wallet.

Data Analysis

Provides data on the holdings of the top 20 holders based on the token that was approved.

Provides classified data based on the token's transaction history. Recommend data on the most profitable trading wallet addresses in the token's trading history.

Supports tracking data of specified wallet addresses and notifies you every time those wallet addresses make a purchase or sale.

Notify every time the token value fluctuates beyond your target limit. And warn whenever there is a risk about the token you are interested in, for example: there is a large amount of unlocked tokens, paused trade….


SAFU Santa Swap

SS Swap is a DEX exchange, built on multichain and oriented to develop as an AMM DEX in the future.

SS Swap is developed to conveniently connect with all popular Defi wallets, but will be most optimized in terms of cost, transaction processing speed and security when connecting to SS Wallet.


Presale 50%
Pool Bonus 10%
Marketing 10%
Pool reward 20%
Ecosystem 6%
CEX listing 6%
Total Supply: SSANTA
  • 2%

    Holders reward

  • 2%


  • 2%

    Buyback & burn

PreSale and Airdrop

Join Presale
Presale Ends at January 28, 2023

Listing on January 30, 2023.
Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 100,000 SSanta
Max Buy 10 BNB = 100,000,000 SSanta

Address Contract:
Claim Airdrop
Invite People to get 50% BNB and 50% SSanta on Every Airdrop and Presale.
🎁 CLAIM 18,000 SSanta SWAP SSanta
Get 50% BNB Commission
Promote & Earn More


4 Phase to the moon.

  • Q3 - 2022

    • NFT learn to earn game design

    • SAFU Santa Wallet development

    • Dapp development

    • Wallet’s security test

    • Marketing team build up

    • Check & fix bug


  • Q4 - 2022

    • SAFU Santa Wallet & Beta test

    • Social media build up

    • Big marketing campaign

    • Top channels partnership

    • Partnerships with market leaders

    • Presale

    • Pancakeswap listing

    • Coinmarketcap / Coingecko Listing

    • First CEX listing

    • SAFU Santa Wallet mainet

    • Learn to earn game mainet


  • Q1 - 2023

    • Premium packages on sale

    • NFTs & marketplace

    • Launch SS Data analysis

    • Mobile App release

    • Launch SS Swap

    • Top reviewers marketing

    • News & magazines promote

    • SAFU Santa ambassador campaign


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    Q2 - 2023

    • Learn to earn game update

    • Expand the language options

    • Wallet version 2 update, automatic wallet tracker

    • Market volatility alert feature

    • Launchpad partnership

    • Tier 1 CEX partnership & Listing

Problem and Solution

Millions of users are hacked, scammed by fake contracts, malicious code, fake links every year with millions of dollars cheated.

The usual Defi wallets used to swap tokens on DEXs currently have too lax security mechanisms, leading to users losing their cryptocurrency just by doing things like: approving a contract, clicking on a link install malicious code.... Current Defi wallets are too basic, boring, and do not bring much value to users other than storing cryptocurrencies.

It is now difficult for investors to do research and data analysis between so many transactions on a token, it's almost impossible to get a general overview of a newly launched token for new crypto investors.

There are many new investors entering the market, with little knowledge of technology, the applicability of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It is difficult for them to know where and how to start. Lack of knowledge leads to a lot of losses in their investment activities.

SS Wallet Enhanced Security requires entering a confirmation code sent via phone number or email to the wallet owner before each transaction is completed. Warn and block all transactions without the owner's consent. Even if you accept a scam contract by mistake, don't worry, they will not be able to make any transactions without the confirmation code. Warn the owner of a strange contract trying to make a transaction and offer to remove the contract from the wallet.

You can add your favorite tokens to the special watchlist of SS Wallet, so that SS wallet can send a notification every time the value of the token you are tracking fluctuates beyond the target you have set, SS Wallet can also send you an instant notification if there is a large amount of unlocked tokens that are at risk of causing large price fluctuations.

SS Data is based on the contract token that you enter into your wallet to extract the general transaction history data of that token, thereby helping you to understand the parameters, fluctuations, and transaction status of the token. that report, helping you make more accurate investment decisions.

SS Data also filters out the top wallet addresses with the most profitable transactions on the tokens you enter, helping you to track the transaction process of those wallet addresses and send you notifications when there are fluctuations. trading, making it possible for you to make copy trades according to professional investors.

SS Swap is automatically connected on SS wallet, always ready to help you make transactions quickly right on Dapp, shorten operations, and easy to grasp important moments to invest. SS Swap transaction fee will be lowest when you use SS wallet. SAFU Santa NFT game (Learn to earn) with a set of quiz questions arranged in an advanced order, many attractive rewards, stimulating learning ability and bringing knowledge, as well as profits for users.

DApps interface

The name "SAFU Santa" is inspired by the Christmas launch of our project, and also aims to highlight the mission of the project.

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